Parent Category: Steel strapping tools
Published on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 16:36
LS-20   LS-20

The LS-20 is a device for Roundstrapping small supports and works with a seal. The device is a combination of clamps and pliers. To ensure the high standard of quality, the LS-20 is "made in Germany"

If only a small contact surfaces for the strapping are available, one speaks of so-called "Roundstrapping". Such as in steel strapping coils, pipes or drums. Buyers should use devices with seal.

Our recommendation in this task pane is the LS-20. With just only 4.3 kg, it is a true lightweight, with this low weight is the work with the LS-20 is very pleasant. The fact that this is a combined clamping and sealing machine, it makes additional tools unnecessary.

The LS-20 is available for steel strapping from a band width of 10 mm to a maximum of 19 mm.